Unique Sexual Activities to Enjoy with San Diego Escorts


Hiring San Diego escorts is one of the ways through which people can experience that they are in another world. However, there are many more novel and personal ways with which one can spice up the date and make it more meaningful and fun at the same time.

  1. Role-Playing Scenarios

This makes role-playing to be the best way, through which people can embrace their fantasies and be in a different persona. Whether the pair of children is teacher and student or doctor and patient or not, a superhero or characters from the film, role-playing is an interesting addition.

  1. Sensual Massage

It is possible for a sensual massage to be a very close and pampering experience. Thus, by taking fragrant oils and soft illumination, you can set up the appropriate mood. One can take turns to massage each other as this can help in creating anticipation towards the act, and therefore increasing pleasure.

  1. Tantric Practices

Tantra promotes the touch and bonding that is shared between two individuals, especially in matters concerning sex. It is defined by eye gazing, physical contact, mirroring each other’s breath, and most importantly, the purpose is to totally bond and reach the optimum of pleasure. If you want to learn some aspects and techniques of tantric turning to your escort, which will make your sexual experience deeper and more intimate addressing energy.

  1. Light BDSM

If some people want to touch upon the basic concepts of power exchange and sensation play, then light BDSM activities will make your meeting rather thrilling. It can include tying up a partner with non-crunchy restraints or wearing blindfolds, light spanking, etc.

  1. Erotic Games

Introducing sexual games in your relationship can spice up your moments together. Examples are strip poker, truth or dare with the added naked component, or any adult board games intended for couples to play will create sexual tension and open up couples.

  1. Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Whereas voyeurism as well as exhibitionism can be entertaining to people who enjoy being watched while they watch others. This might involve watching adult movies or; if both agreed, then being involved in a sexually provocative dance. Such play may lead to an increase in the level of excitement and Garcia’s fourth adaptive function, as it includes forbidden scenarios.

  1. Using Sex Toys

Sex toys may also be inserted into the experience to boost the level of enjoyment and shake things up a bit. Sharing your likes and dislikes as well as your tolerance levels will not only create a good impression about you to San Diego escorts as well as the entire exercise but will also make the entire sporting activity a fruitful one.


Steamy sex acts that one can partake in with San Diego escorts are plenty and here are some of the simplest yet daring that you could try out. The issue that will guarantee your satisfaction throughout the time of service is active and effective two-way communication, respect for each other, and making sure that you as well as your escort are interested in the types of interactions you are going to have.